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Part of the gardening experience includes pests in the garden. Organic gardeners use only natural pest-control methods and no synthetic chemical insecticides available in Organic Pest Control Guys. Safe and organic alternatives are cheaper and effective as compared to chemicals as well. In Organic Pest Control Guys there are quite a number of the organic methods that one can choose and tailor them to whatever type of control they need.


Healthy Balance

A healthy organic garden is achieved through maintaining everything in balance. Soil rich in humus and compost has a balance of beneficial organisms that make nutrients well available to your plants, hence stronger and healthier plants, which means they have better natural defenses against pest attacks. Most natural pest control products in Organic Pest Control Guys do not discriminate between harmful insects and beneficial insects.


Hand Picking

Hand picking is an effective way of removing insect pests. A jar half-filled with water and one teaspoon of liquid soap is mixed and put in the jar and taken to the garden. If you see a caterpillar or insect you pick it from the plant and put it in the jar. For Insects like aphids, smash them against a leaf with your fingers wearing gloves, available in Organic Pest Control Guys.

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Organic Pest Control

* Companion Planting

There are plants which have natural properties that repel insects. Such plants should be planted next to those plants that are susceptible to insect attack. For instance, plant onions near Cole plants to repel cabbage loppers, or garlic inter-planted with roses to control aphids and other insects. If you are not sure however of what plants that should accompany which ones, call us at Organic Pest Control Guys in 888-241-0999 and know which ones will work best.

* Biological Pest Control

Biological controls May be parasitic insects or bacteria that infect specific species, or they could be carnivorous insects that will attack and eat the harmful pests. Praying Mantis catch and eat lots of bugs daily. The tiny parasitic Trichogramma wasp kills more than 100 species of caterpillars even tomato hornworms.

Spray Protection

You use diatomaceous earth as dust or in a water-spray for effective control of hundreds of species of insects. This works by scratching their exoskeletons and dehydrating them. Oil or wax sprays coat the insects bodies and smother them. There are also oils available IN Organic Pest Control Guys at 888-241-0999 contain other ingredients such as capsaicin, which is hot pepper oil, which is toxic to insects. These remedies are broad-spectrum and toxic to beneficial as well as harmful insects.

Non Toxic and Homemade Remedies

Homemade remedies tend to be inexpensive and best thing is you know what is going into your garden. Most homemade sprays have been used with good results and to control harmful insects. They mostly involve noxious, but non-toxic ingredients such as garlic, cayenne, stinging nettles or horsetail that are diluted in water and blended to be sprayed on the plants. The simple formulas include soft-bodied insects, grubs, mites and other insects, earth wigs, slugs and other soft-bodied garden pests and fungal diseases.

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