Webspinner Or Termite: What To Use?

Due to the similar size and shape, webspinners and termites are sometimes confused. Both insects are about 10 mm long and may have wings or not. Webspinners and termites have six legs and two antennae, respectively. Dark colors, ranging from crimson to black, are typical of webspinners while the hues of termites can range from … Read more

Here’s Why Roaches Crawl On You

If you have ever encountered a cockroach, you are aware of how repulsive and filthy these insects are. Being surprised, however, is the least of your concerns if cockroaches are in some way entering your house.  When cockroaches enter your house, they carry a whole array of extremely severe problems with them that may cause … Read more

Is Orkin Worth It? A Guide & FAQs!

Orkin is a good choice if you have not tried it before. To help you decide if this is the right service for you, we have included an extensive review in this guide. Having served more than 1.5 million homes and businesses, Orkin is a global pest control company with more than 100 years of … Read more

Does Alcohol Kill Roaches? Explained!

In contrast to many pests and insects, roaches not only spread common diseases but are also very hard to kill. However, there are certain home remedies that have proven to be helpful in eradicating roaches, and rubbing alcohol is one of them. Most of us must have seen roaches at some point in our lives. … Read more

Here’s How Often Should You Replace Ant Traps!

Finding ants inside your house can be upsetting and demoralizing. Sometimes, even the cleanest kitchens might draw these tenacious intruders. Ant traps with a bait material are frequently suggested as a solution when considering how to get rid of these pests. Ant traps are tools that combine an insecticide with a mixture of foods that … Read more

Rat In Bathtub: Questions & Concerns Answered!

Rats can fit through holes that are much smaller than they appear to be able to because of the form of their bodies. Rats get into houses through gaps in the floors, foundation, and walls. Most of the time, homeowners don’t see mouse holes until additional infestation symptoms start to show. Besides openings in windows … Read more

List of Pest Control Service Providers in Texas

  Dealing with pests in your living area area is a stressful task. For a healthy environment, it is necessary to remove all the pests. For this purpose, you need to seek reliable pest control services that adhere to international standards. Pest control service providers like the ones in Texas are efficient in maintaining cleanliness … Read more