Does Incense Repel Roaches? A Guide!

Seeing insects in your home is always an unpleasant experience. Insecticides are commonly used to eliminate insects, however, there may be a more pleasant approach. Many people are aware of the fact that smoke repels insects, hence the use of incense sticks has always been considered a potential solution to this problem. You can kill … Read more

Phorid Flies In Apartment: Reason & Solutions!

Phorid flies, which are sometimes mistaken for fruit flies, are also known as sewer flies. Even though they prefer warm, tropical settings, they can be found worldwide. A notable feature of the phorid fly is its humped thorax, which has earned it the nickname “humpbacked fly.” Phorid flies inhabit damp environments, including kitchens, baths, sewers, … Read more

What Eats Bricks? Pests? Humans?

The ultimate manifestation of abnormal chewing and eating of non-food things is known as pica. There have been instances involving brick, clay, and even metal. There are a variety of conditions that can cause pica. However, some individuals acquire pica as a stress response or OCD-related habit. No laboratory tests exist for pica. Instead, the … Read more

House Centipedes In Chicago: All Questions Answered!

In summer, many residents of Chicago report sighting centipedes crawling around their homes. Usually, yellowish-brown centipedes with darker stripes and markings are observed in Chicago. Their length may range from half an inch to up to six inches. Centipedes have elongated and worm-like bodies, surrounded by lengthy, spider-like legs and hairy antennae. As do all … Read more

Here’s How To Get Roaches Out Of Refrigerator Motor

Cockroaches are one of the most annoying insects that are unpleasant to discover anywhere in the home, but especially around a food-storing refrigerator. Since cockroaches only live in warm environments, it would seem that a refrigerator would be the last location to find one. However, cockroaches can survive in the refrigerator’s motor compartment and only … Read more

Indoxacarb Vs Fipronil: Which is Better?

Cockroaches are a typical irritant in the house, and numerous pest control products can be bought on store shelves to combat their infestations. A variety of cockroach baits contain Indoxacarb and Fipronil. These components are highly effective against roaches. But which one is better? This guide will provide an overview of Indoxacarb and Fipronil and … Read more