Wasp Fogger For Attic: Does It Work?

The gloomy refuge that your attic provides is quite enticing to many creatures, including wasps. The attic provides protection from predators and a tranquil environment for nesting. The additional shelter provided by an attic to a wasp nest allows it to develop enormously, causing a mess for the homeowner. Moreover, wasps are constantly searching for … Read more

Peppermint Oil On Roaches: Does It Work?

A roach-infested home is never healthy; roaches not only interrupt the cleanliness of your home, but they may also transmit diseases such as typhoid and dysentery. If you have spotted one or more cockroaches in your home, you are likely searching for a simple, natural way to eliminate them before contacting a pest control company. … Read more

Rodent In Bathroom Vent: Why & What To Do!

Pests such as rats love to sneak into your home, particularly in extreme weather situations when they are seeking shelter. Once inside, they seek sanctuary in your vents and cause a variety of issues. This is an ideal habitat for rodents, as they like to construct nests out of insulating materials. Holes in the walls … Read more

Suspend Polyzone Vs Bifen: Which Is Better?

Both Suspend Polyzone and Bifen are insecticides. Suspend Polyzone contains the active component deltamethrin with a polymer coating. It is effective against a wide variety of common pests for up to ninety days and has a large window of efficacy. Because it has a special polymer coating, it protects the active ingredient from weather and … Read more

Will a Flea Bomb Kill Mites? Explained!

Many people are unaware that there are millions of microscopic creatures called mites living in their homes and causing major health problems for them. Mites consume dead skin and hair, and it causes severe allergies in many people. They create dangerous allergens from their excreta, which can even lead to asthma or other respiratory dysfunctions. … Read more

What Are Cockroach-Proof Containers? Explained!

Cockroaches, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), transmit bacteria that, if spread to food, can result in salmonella, staphylococcus, and streptococcus infections. Therefore, you should take extra precautions when storing your food if you have cockroaches in your kitchen. Small cockroaches have a weak biting force and find it challenging to chew … Read more

Do Mice Eat Or Move Ant Traps? Explained!

Although ants are not often threatening, they can be quite intrusive. Their bite marks are itchy, and they can take your food. If ants in your house are not controlled, they may harm your foundation, trigger serious allergic reactions, or even transmit some diseases. Instead of just waiting for the ants to leave, you may … Read more