How To Avoid Bringing Cockroaches With You When You Move

Cockroaches are not only disturbing but also unhygienic and may spread a variety of diseases. They are known to carry pathogens that can cause sickness.

These common domestic insects frequently reside in or near the kitchen, food debris, garbage, or sewers. They are, obviously, undesirable guests in the home.

Since they have very thin and flat bodies that help them conceal themselves with ease, they are able to hide in small spaces.

They can also run quickly, and because they are nocturnal, they frequently avoid being discovered.

You may wonder if roaches can be moved from one residence to another.

Well, if you have roaches in your home and you are about to move, there is a possibility that they will hitchhike to your new residence.

So, before packing up your stuff, you should inspect your home for frequent cockroach access ways.

If you are about to relocate, you will need to take extra precautions to avoid bringing any uninvited guests to your new residence.

Therefore, you must have a strategy to prevent roaches from following you when you relocate.

You can use sealant to prevent new roaches from entering your home through cracks and crevices near doors and windows.

Can You Bring Cockroaches With You When You Move?

Insects are known for getting into every nook and cranny conceivable. Consequently, if you have a recognized infestation, they will likely accompany you to your new home or apartment.

Moving may be both hectic and scary because there are so many things to do to ensure everything goes properly, such as packing.

You want to make sure that your goods are stored securely and without pests prior to the relocation.

Moreover, you should do everything in your ability to eradicate any pests and prevent them from entering your apartment or home, even if you require pest treatment before relocating, which may be the solution.

When packing for a move, if you are cautious and take precautionary measures, you can avoid this issue and keep bugs at bay.

Despite the possibility of spotting a few cockroaches throughout the day, cockroaches are nocturnal. This is why it is important to seek indications and not real insects.

They will hide during the day and emerge at night to feed. Most are found in the kitchen, near food debris, garbage, and drains.

Nighttime is the most active time for cockroaches. If your new house is infested with cockroaches, you may awake to find one crawling on you while you sleep.

Moreover, cockroaches like warm environments, hence they live in small spaces and may crawl on humans because of heat.

But if you take precautions before moving to your new place, cockroaches might not travel with you. To make sure your new home stays roach-free, thoroughly check all your items before relocating.

Can I Bring Roaches Home On My Clothes?

Cockroaches or their eggs are not sticky and will not adhere to any clothing item. This makes them quite simple to clean, but you will have trouble discovering them in the first place.

Although it is uncommon to find roaches in clothing and linens, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Before you relocate, make sure you wash all your clothes and linen in warm water to eradicate any insects or eggs.

You don’t have to wash clothes if your old home is already roach free, but if it isn’t, and you’re about to move out, you will have to wash every clothing item to avoid any future infestation.

Now, cockroaches infest all types of human-occupied places, including homes and workplaces. If this occurs in your new home, the roaches will create a mess and may spread a variety of diseases.

Cockroaches have very thin and flat bodies which help them enter small spaces and cracks. There are numerous entry points for cockroaches and their eggs.

So, before moving out, make sure you check all your items, thoroughly clean everything, and when you enter your new home, fill up every crack and small hole to prevent future infestation.

How Do You Keep Cockroaches Away From You?

Your top priority is to get rid of roaches as soon as you spot one. Many people prefer natural remedies to keep roaches away from them.

While others employ the use of insecticidal sprays to kill them.  When you are about to move and you know your current house has roaches, you may want to get rid of them before relocating.

Since many people use cardboard boxes to pack their stuff, cockroaches can hide inside them and may attempt to sleep and breed, thereby infesting your home.

Hence, cardboard boxes should be avoided if you want to keep roaches away from you and your new home.

In terms of clothing, it is uncommon for roaches or their eggs to stick to your clothes, but to be extra cautious, it is better to wash them in warm water before packing.

It will eliminate all the chances of future infestation, which, in turn, will keep roaches away from you.

In addition, cockroaches love sealed bags, as they may provide an optimal temperature for them to breed, hence they can also get inside these bags and may breach into your new home.

A sealed plastic bag may sustain cockroaches for about a week, which is less than boxes. While a quality plastic bag will not leak liquids, it will still allow air to get through.

A cockroach may survive unharmed in an unopened bag for at least a week. These bags should also be avoided.

Now, before moving and during packing, you should always inspect your belongings to check for roaches and other pests.

As you pack, you will need to thoroughly check your clothes, shoes, linens, and furniture, and make sure you clean everything.

Also, do not return to your infested apartment once you have relocated. Cockroaches or their eggs may stick to your belongings and tag along.

If you still find roaches near you even after taking all the precautions, you can always use an insecticidal spray to kill them.

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