Carpet Beetles & Dogs! Your Questions Answered!

As their name suggests, carpet beetles commonly infest carpets. The pests prey on numerous other materials made of wool, fur, felt, silk, feathers, skins, and leather, just like clothes moths do.

These substances include keratin, a fibrous animal protein that the larvae can consume. Cotton and synthetic textiles, like polyester and rayon, are generally resistant to attack.

Carpet beetles have the potential to turn into household pests if not controlled.

For carpet beetles, especially the young ones, dogs are quite special. Their ability to enter your home is facilitated by dogs. The hair on your dog will keep them safe as they enter your home.

Although carpet beetles are active all year long, the spring and summer are their peak seasons.

If you spend more time outdoors with your dog during the warmer months, carpet beetles can easily land on your dog’s fur.

So, if you have a dog and think you have a carpet beetle infestation, it is possible that your dog indirectly contributed to the infestation.

If carpet beetles start to reside in your dog’s fur, it could be harmful.

Your dog may develop bald spots at first. After that, your dog may begin to scratch if it detects larvae carpet beetles crawling on it.

Excessive scratching could cause the skin to break, which might lead to an infection.

You must be wondering why dogs, though. Why are carpet beetles so attracted to your dog?

It is because a dog’s fur is a cozy, warm place for the carpet beetles which they also love to consume. It is the best home for them to live in.

Rapid reproduction makes carpet beetle infestations possible. Before you even realize you have an infestation, a lot of harm can already have been done.

The best course of action when dealing with this kind of bug is professional treatment. Really, there is no other way to stop the harm they can do to your property and health.

Are Carpet Beetles Harmful To Dogs?

Dogs are not in any genuine danger from carpet beetles. Adult carpet beetles can travel inside your home on dogs.

But if they have nothing else to eat, larval carpet beetles won’t think twice about subsisting only on the hair of your pet. Your pet’s coat may suffer obvious harm from hundreds of them nibbling on its fur.

Dog hair is a favorite food of carpet beetle larvae. Your dog will surely scratch if it notices carpet beetle larvae nibbling on its fur.

It will surely scratch uncontrollably if it has carpet beetle dermatitis, just like some people do.

The skin of a pet may break if it is frequently and severely scratched. When it occurs, there is a danger that bacteria will sneak inside of it.

If your pet’s immune system is unable to control the infection, it may spread quickly, develop worse, and lead to other problems.

Furthermore, if your dog eats one, it can result in a gastrointestinal obstruction or an upset stomach.

Contact your vet right once if you suspect that your dog has consumed a carpet beetle. They can provide essential care and assist you in determining whether your dog is in danger.

Can Carpet Beetles Affect Pets?

Carpet beetles are regarded by experts as the most dangerous species of beetles because they seriously injure clothing, carpets, and other items made of natural fibers.

Although carpet beetles cannot bite, they can nonetheless lead to dermatitis. Your pets may scratch from the larvae of carpet beetles.

These common household pests, which enjoy consuming both human and animal foods as well as natural fibers and animal fur, can cause problems with pets.

One of the numerous things that larval carpet beetles enjoy gnawing on is the fur that covers our animal friends.

Pets can suffer from carpet beetles in a few different ways.

They may first cause bald spots on them. Second, when pets sense larvae carpet beetles crawling on them, they could start to scratch. Excessive scratching could break the skin, which could possibly result in an infection.

You should be concerned with your dog’s comfort as well as its appearance.

Pets have heightened senses of touch in addition to their enhanced senses of hearing, smell, and sight. Because of this, they are able to feel when ticks or fleas are crawling on them.

If your pet detects carpet beetle larvae nibbling on its fur, it will undoubtedly scratch. If it develops carpet beetle dermatitis, it will undoubtedly scratch uncontrollably, much as some people do.

When a pet is scratched repeatedly and violently, the skin might break. When it occurs, there is a chance that germs will get inside of it.

This can quickly result in an infection that, if your pet’s immune system is unable to control it, can spread, get worse, and also create other issues.

How Do You Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles In Dogs?

Seeing your dog in pain can be the most heartbreaking experience. If there are carpet beetle larvae around, there is a good probability that your pet is being bothered by them.

You can ask your dependable veterinarian for assistance if you want to stop your pet from scratching frequently or if you want to cure the wounds caused by it.

Unfortunately, going to the vet only serves as a temporary fix. It doesn’t actually solve the issue; only conceals it. Your pet will continue to experience pain as long as the underlying issue persists.

Even if your dog is beetle free, get rid of the carpet beetles permanently from your home to ensure your dog’s safety from them.

If the infestation is small, try using natural methods to get rid of the bugs.

Despite being pet-safe, white vinegar has a potent fragrance that will keep a dog away from the area. In the endeavor to naturally eradicate carpet beetles, essential oils are also beneficial. Essential oil scents are not appealing to these insects.

If the infestation is huge, hire a professional pest control company.

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