Does Alcohol Kill Roaches? Explained!

In contrast to many pests and insects, roaches not only spread common diseases but are also very hard to kill.

However, there are certain home remedies that have proven to be helpful in eradicating roaches, and rubbing alcohol is one of them.

Most of us must have seen roaches at some point in our lives. In fact, roaches are almost everywhere, inside pipelines, kitchens, especially under gas stoves, above walls, and toilets.

When you come across such a situation at home where you cannot get rid of roaches, spraying large amounts of isopropyl alcohol will help kill them.

If you want to get rid of cockroaches in your home, rubbing alcohol is a really popular home remedy.

There haven’t been many studies on the precise concentration required to kill the insects, but it’s certain that rubbing alcohol can help get rid of pests.

However, it is advised not to spray alcohol around your house carelessly since its vapours can irritate the respiratory system and are highly combustible if sprayed around the gas stove.

It can also cause other health issues, such as rashes, headaches, and skin problems. So, even if rubbing alcohol works well to kill cockroaches, stay away from applying it indoors more frequently.

How Does Rubbing Alcohol Kill Roaches?

Once you start seeing cockroaches in your home, it can get quite challenging to eradicate them as they can survive for up to 3 days without their heads, which means they are one of the hardest insects to kill.

However, rubbing alcohol will eradicate these revolting intruders. It is very simple to use alcohol to kill cockroaches, which are the most dreaded household bug.

To kill roaches, you will need isopropyl alcohol and a spray bottle. Then you will have to fill that empty spray bottle with isopropyl alcohol.

Now, you can apply it wherever you see cockroaches in your house, but you are advised to use it very carefully.

Once you are done with rubbing alcohol, make sure you stay away from that area as it can cause serious respiratory issues.

Soon you will start finding dead cockroaches in your home. There is no denying that rubbing alcohol can kill roaches.

To make this remedy effective, make sure you use 70% of isopropyl alcohol and no less than that.

You will also have to take serious precautions. Although rubbing alcohol works well as an insecticide, using it inside your home more frequently can be hazardous.

As mentioned above, it can damage your respiratory tract, and since it is a highly flammable solvent, spraying it near gas stoves or electric sockets can be alarming and may start a fire.

Do Cockroaches Hate Rubbing Alcohol?

Spraying a lot of isopropyl alcohol on roaches in a situation where you can’t get rid of them at home will help you eradicate them.

Rubbing alcohol definitely has the ability to help get rid of pests, albeit there hasn’t been much research on the specific dosage needed to kill the insects.

When you consider rubbing alcohol as a natural insecticide, you must keep one thing in mind: every single cockroach has a shell that serves as both a protective covering and a breathing hole.

Isopropyl alcohol will kill the roach if you spray it with it frequently enough as the timing of when alcohol kills roaches is really selective.

You must immediately spray the roach and cover it with enough alcohol to cause suffocation. Cockroaches hate being rubbed by alcohol.

But it doesn’t kill them immediately, and if the cockroaches are moving, you merely end up dispersing a poisonous substance around the entire area.

Keeping these general instructions and health concerns in mind, you can easily eradicate cockroaches.

What Kills Roaches Instantly?

Nobody wants roaches in their home as they are difficult to control, spread diseases, and can be very disgusting.

What instantly kills cockroaches is a common query. If you’re a homeowner, you might believe that is what you want to do if you see insects, especially roaches everywhere.

If you want to get rid of cockroaches from your home instantly, at least the ones you can see, you must learn what kills them instantly.

Perhaps the easiest method to discover what rapidly eradicates cockroaches is to test cockroach-specific solutions first.

There are many roach sprays in the market that quickly kill roaches because of the active components. Most of the time the effects are immediate and the roaches die relatively soon.

Synthetic pyrethroids are also one of the pesticides that can help kill roaches since they damage the roaches’ nervous system, killing them swiftly and with little trace.

Traps are also a good option for killing roaches instantly. The most important feature of traps is that you simply set them in place, and they don’t typically contain a lure, instead, you position them in places of food.

Since the surface is sticky and unsuitable for cockroaches, it will eventually kill them, and you can then discard the glue trap.

Lastly, bleach is also an instant roach killer. It’s the smell that drives them away, which is what you want to pursue.

You can spray it in places where roaches are present or where you believe roaches may reside, and it will prevent their entry.

Now, these sprays and pesticides can be harmful to you and your family in so many ways, so make sure you use them carefully.

What Kills Roaches Overnight?

Roaches can be highly filthy and are tough to control, so no one wants them in their home.

If you are a homeowner and you notice roaches everywhere, you might want to find ways to eradicate them by all means.  

Almost everyone who has ever seen a cockroach in their home has hoped for a way to get rid of them overnight.

Fortunately, there are numerous techniques for controlling and avoiding cockroach infestations. You can get rid of roaches overnight by using the following products:

  • Boric acid: It is an insecticide and one of the most useful products in eradicating roaches.
  • Insecticide spray: Choosing an effective and odourless insecticide spray will help you kill roaches overnight.
  • Traps: Cockroaches will eventually die on the surface since it is sticky and unsuited for them, at which point you can throw away the glue trap.


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