Phantom Vs Termidor: A Breakdown!

Phantom is a concentrated pesticide that has a potent, invisible active component that is neither repellent nor detectable by insects.

It is effective against ants, termites, cockroaches, and many other insects and has no odor and a lengthy residue.

While BASF Pest Control Solutions produces Termidor, a form of pest control treatment, it is most effective against ant infestations and targets termites, including all subterranean species of termites found in Arizona.        

There are several differences between Termidor and Phantom.

Phantom is a treatment for indoor and outdoor use that is primarily intended to treat roach and ant infestations. However, it also controls a small number of other pests.

In contrast to Termidor, which contains fipronil 9.1%, Phantom contains the active component chlorfenapyr 21.45%.

Termidor is only intended for use outside, according to the label. It can only be used inside, wall voids, to spot and treat insect or termite activity (for example when treating a live termite infestation in a wall void). Except for inside wall voids, they cannot be used indoors to control ants or other pests.

Termidor must only be sprayed 18″ up and 18″ out when treating the area around a home’s foundation twice a year.

Termidor has a better transfer than Phantom and is typically used to treat ant and termite infestations. Both chemicals are non-repellant transfer insecticides, which makes them comparable.

The most well-liked termite treatment available is unquestionably Termidor. Phantom was designed more for treatments on the exterior of buildings and indoor pest control.

Phantom was created to fulfill this need because Termidor is not listed on the label to be used for indoor pest control treatments.

Despite having a label that says it treats termites, Termidor lasts significantly longer in the ground than Phantom does, and Phantom is also much more expensive than each finished gallon.

Is Legit?

One of the earliest subscription-based DIY pest management products on the market, Pestie was founded in 2019.

The company utilizes a mail-based, user-friendly sprayer kit to supply secure, locally based pest control treatments across the nation.

Applications can be completed in as little as five minutes and for as low as $24, which is a significant improvement over the frequently hundreds of dollars billed by conventional pest control businesses.

It appears like is a legit, risk-free website that is not a hoax.

The evaluation of is favorable. The favorable trust score is based on an automated review of 40 internet data sources, including the technology utilized, the company’s location, other websites identified on the same web server, etc.

However, we firmly advise that you conduct your own due diligence on any new website before you plan to shop there or enter your contact information.

Can I Spray Pestie Inside?

According to Pestie, all of its products can be used around children and animals without risk. The products use a micro-encapsulated composition that is plant-based and water-resistant.

They should not be used on fruits or vegetables, but they can be sprayed on plants, trees, bushes, and grass. This means that it is safe to use inside.

Pestie even gives instructions on how to use their sprays inside. You should read the enclosed label for complete safety information and directions before spraying indoors.

The products from Pestie are suitable for both people and animals when used as intended. Products that resemble the chrysanthemum flower’s pest-repelling abilities are made using plants.

The company’s pest control concentrate uses a micro-encapsulated formula designed to kill pests from the inside while also withstanding rain and sunlight for a longer-lasting treatment.

How Do I Cancel Pestie?

After speaking with an agent and attempting alternative Pestie-provided options, if they are unable to assist you with your pest problem, they will, in most situations, offer refunds.

You can cancel your subscription at any moment by clicking the “Manage Account” tab on

Get in touch with Pestie’s support staff if you want a prorated refund on a membership, and they will take care of you.

An email verifying your refund will be sent to you after it has been processed. Please get in touch with Pestie support if you haven’t gotten the email after two to three days.

If after receiving the email you still don’t notice the refund in your bank account after two or three days, check your bank account once more.

Then get in touch with your credit card provider because it can take some time for the refund to appear on your account. Contact your bank next.

Before a refund is posted, there is frequently a processing period.

You can email at if you’ve done all of this and you still have not gotten your refund.

What’s A Good Bug Killer?

Finding a reliable bug killer is essential if you want to safeguard yourself from the dreadful diseases that bugs carry.

One of the best and most portable solutions for bugs is Proven with the picaridin formulation, which is great for hikers or for keeping in your luggage so you’re always prepared.

Despite its modest size, the nozzle applies evenly and consistently.

Although it isn’t an aerosol can, it has a long pump, thus spraying is pleasant and simple even though spraying it upside down makes it harder (since, thanks to gravity, the straw may no longer be submerged).

Despite this, you will be able to spray yourself in a short amount of time. It is the quickest pump spray you will test, with an average application time of slightly more than 21 seconds.

The aroma of Proven Spray is, well, mostly nonexistent. No chemical odor that makes you want to cry.

The Proven received a near-perfect rating for how the spray feels on the skin and isn’t greasy either.

Due in part to its compact packaging, the Proven repellant proved surprisingly portable. It can fit in almost any bag, but it isn’t too little to be lost easily.

(This repellant is also available in a 2-ounce spritzer if you’d rather carry around a smaller container.) The bottle also has a straightforward closure to prevent leaks, and it held up well during several stress tests.

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